Monday, January 01, 2007

mum has tagged me so here are five things weird

1. I think of myself as a country girl but I love computers and mobile phones and things like that.

2. I am under 30 and can knit.

3. I love my horses but hardly ride.

4. I am a dog and a cat person.

5. I hate swimming and can not ride a bike.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Here are some photos of my cats

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Something smells fishy,
Yummy !

Mum was feeding poddy calves and the smell of the milk was in the air.
One day a cat turned up and because there was always a little milk left in the bottom of the packet we put the milk in a dish for the cat to drink. When we put the milk in the dish we would called "Puss, Puss".
We called the cat Puss, Puss because we didn’t know if it was male or female.
I was the first get near Puss, Puss and he was a tabby cat. I was the only one in the family that could get near him, he was a wild cat but my friend. He would be gone for months then he would come back for a feed, sometime he would have an injury.
The last night that I saw him there was a black cat with him eating from his dish, I went outside but the black cat ran down the path so all that I could see was two eyes.
About 2 years later a black cat turned up with two kittens and I started feeding them, I am not going to not feed them if they need a feed.
One of the kittens disappeared, it was like a tiger – black with orange stripes. The black would only come if I called Puss Puss so her name became Puss Puss.
She had two more litters while she here. The first litter there was Shadow and Tabby. The second there was Sooty.
Shadow broke the tip of his tale so I renamed him Kinks, Tabby is a tabby coloured with a white belly but I wanted cat called Missy and I didn’t think Puss Puss would have another litter so she became Missy. Then Sooty came and he is just Sooty. At first Salem was Little One, but when he got bigger than his mum, he became Salem.
Sooty was only a few weeks when Puss Puss let me play with and get to know him, she snarled at me once. To me that is a lot of trust, when the other kittens before Sooty did not come to the house till about a month old.

Now Sooty follows me around nearly everywhere I go on the farm, down to the goat pen, when I’m feeding calves, feeding the dogs, he’s there. He has followed Dad up to the top pig shed.
Sadly, I have not seen Puss Puss and Salem for a while.

Puss Puss, Salem, Kinks and Missy will only let me and a few others pat them. Sooty loves everyone, especially Dad.
So they are really my cats.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Birthday blues
Blue is my favourite colour

I have just had my birthday.
There are two things I don’t like about birthdays. The first is that with every year I am a year closer to the years when you don’t want to celebrate your birthday.
The second is people asking you “what do you want?” It gets to me a bit, I don’t like asking for things the other 364 days a year so why do I have to do it on my birthday?
That is the problem with having only things that make you happy, you don’t want much else.
One of the things I got for my birthday was a little box saying “101 ways to say I love you” on it. It is a little box with sayings or writings on cards in it.
There were quite a few good ones in it.
These are some of the ones I liked;
“Love is like a smile – it has no value unless given away”
“ You can give without loving , but you cannot love
without giving”
“True hearts that share one love, one life will always know true joy”
“When there is love in the home, there is joy in the heart”
These two are my favorites
“The language of love needs no interpreter”
“A hug is a perfect gift, one size fits all and no one minds if you give it back”
Good one for birthdays ;).
These are some things to think about.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Best Mate

He’s my best mate.
I was home one day and there was a knock on the door, it was late so I thought "Who could that be?"
I opened the door .
It was dad, so I though that was strange, he only knocks when he has his hands full, but all he had was the papers and milk. I looked around and then I saw him.
He was so cute. He sitting down behind the table. As I went up to him he looked up at me with the most beautiful eyes I have never seen.
I stayed out there with him until it was very late that night. He has not left to this day. I called him Bob - well, it was going to Bobby when he was a puppy and Bobs when he older. He 5 years old and he is still called Bobby.
He is a pure bred Bolder Collie.
His favorite toy is a float from a water trough, which he loves to play soccer with. He used to drop it if I was near and let me have it but he is older now and he keeps it and will try get it off me which he never did.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Run, Blackberries, Run

This is a picture of a blackberry bush that was taller than Dad, it was about 2 meters by 2. Well, the goats soon found it.
They ate all that they could reach, so I found an old gate, I started to drag it down to the bush but it was getting heavier as I went. I looked around and about 4 goats were standing on it. Now I know why they are called kids when they are little, they want to be fed all the time and then you drag them around.

Anyway getting back to the story: I put the gate on the blackberry bush so that they could climb up it to get the top. As more goats got on it the lower down the gate got but it pulled down some of the blackberry bush that could not reach before.
In 3 days this is what the blackberry bush looked like.
They did a pretty good job.
No kidding.
Don’t they look proud?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"You're Kidding!"

We have just bought 22 new goats, we had 2 already with twins each. Now we have 29 goats with the buck. 29 goats, the blackberries better run for their lives.
The new goats are pure bred Boer goats we bought to breed meat goats from.
The others are milking goats; Dad has been milking them but now the kids are drinking more there is no need.

When the kids were about due I went down to the goat pen and Brownie (she is one of our milking goats) was licking one of her kids, I ran up to the house and got my camera, went down again and took a video of Brownie giving birth to the second kid.

My sister has just gone over to London for a year and she wanted a little toy Koala and I had one so I gave it to her, she said it will remind her of me and of Australia. I told her that I could catch her a real one, but how would it get to London?